Nice 🙂  skunky bud tim, i shall come for more.     Tam Revers    05/03/2005


This is the best site to shop from their stuff is top notch.   John 07/08/2005


I looked them up they are on the first page of google.       J rock 09/02/2006


They are not only on the first page of google but also at the top . Peter 10/06/2008


Big thumbs up to you guys i was able to get my bud in a non medical state.  Mandy  11/092009


stress  free and no shipping problems.   They ship with no problems i got 2 ps yesterday the mail man asked no question .    Josh 12/21/2010

The edibles are so sweet and delicious they got me fired up faster than       Kerry Severa  04/05/2011

i thought lol.

Keep doing the good work fresh green marijuana facility i love you guys.  Joe   10/07/2013


I was at your shop today in beverly hills, so clean and smells so nice .   Larry   08/11/2014

just wished i could spend my nights there. :)) very fine smoke shop

This is the best weed i ever got. thanks again for the smoke accessory kit and package.   Ronnie 04/09/2015


You are doing a job no one can . Thanks alot i loved the smoke and edibles. Mc mickerson 02/08/2016

Thanks my 3 pound package arrived . it was a mircacle to me.  Jack  04/16/2016

My weed arrived in time for my birthday. i was burned before but after dealing with you guys.  Phil G. 05/25/2016


i found a reson to trust again. Thanks Tim and your tim. I love your wrap. the most concealed i ever seen thanks again.     Kem    06/14/2016

Yes sweet wrappage i couldn’t smell a thing when i first got my package         Sherry     07/04/2016

bet not even the dogs can sniff that. Kick ass odor weed tho. thanks ! top level green thats the best i ever saw in my life i will come back to shop some more with you guys.